K K Tours & Travels an Indian online travel website. We provide the facilities to book Hotels, Cars, Buses, Flights (Domestic and International) and Tour Packages online through our website. We provide detailed information to all travellers visiting our site like description of our partners, pricing and other information.

We, K K Tours & Travels provide all kinds of services related to tour and travel. We have arrangements with more than 59 Airlines operating globally for booking flight tickets online. We also have connection with more than 12000 Indian Hotels for room booking at fixed price. We also have tie-up with 750 Luxury Bus Operators having more than 12,000 Luxury Buses for online ticket booking.

We are basically specialist to book your hotel accommodation in these countries…

1- Philippines

2- Singapore

3- Dubai

4- Thailand

5- Malaysia

6- Nepal

7- Tashkent

8- Srilanka

9- Vietnam Indonesia

We are working hard. Currently, we are working on making arrangement with Indian hotels to book their unsold rooms at discounted rate at last minute. This is the newest concept ever introduced on any online travel website. Most of the hotels have a few unsold rooms left almost each day (excluding peak-season). Hotels can book these unsold rooms by giving discount as other brands/sectors are doing since last many years. Almost all brands sell their unsold items by giving discount at the end of the year/season.

Our Approaches:
Percentage of discount may vary as per their unsold inventories. We are providing a platform through our website www.kktravel.in, so that Hotels can book their unsold rooms at discount and travellers can book high priced rooms at discount. In this way, hotels can get a lot of travellers for their unsold rooms. This concept has not yet been introduced in India.